Friday, September 7, 2007

indian sex videos

Madam was going to throw a fit… Chote baba was sitting in front of his computer and watching two naked girls touching each other… chi chi.. Why was he watching two girls when he could easily watch a man fucking a woman?? But today’s generation always wanted to do things differently. Aiyo Rama…

Chote baba, bless the fellow, was touching his dick… and oh boy that did NOT look like the dick of a 15-year-old boy… he was big… much bigger than his father, Mr. Gupta Sir! Much fitter also! I could feel myself getting wet just looking at him. Maybe it was time to show him the real thing… I quietly took off my sari and walked over to stand in front of him. Nobody could resist my 38-D tits! Mr. Gupta Sir called them his melons… well baba looked like he needed some immediate nutritional nourishment. I couldn’t let the poor boy just starve looking at those anorexic women on the computer screen.

His eyes widened as they saw my tits barely confined by the expertly low-cut blouse. My tailor… nice man… loved my tits as well and he knew just what cut made them look irresistible. He was right of course! Baba reached out and ran his fingers over one heaving tit, all the time giving me a questioning look. I took off my blouse and he didn’t need any further invitation. He grabbed my tits and started rubbing them with his hands… he had big strong hands… just right for the pinching, plucking and kneading that followed. He seemed fascinated… baba was so much like his father! “Suck,” I said and he quickly lowered his mouth to my chest.

I did not tell him anything else… baba was a natural and I knew he was going to be an excellent fuck! But there was time for that yet… He was hard and I could feel his huge shaft throbbing against me.

I pushed him back, bent down in front of him and took his dick inside my mouth. Rama he was big… but he smelt much better than his father and tasted fresher too! I started rubbing my tongue all over his shaft and he let out an involuntary moan. “That feels good Asha tai,” he said and I sucked on his dick with slow circular motions, his groans keeping rhythm with my pace. On and on I went, up and down, all around till I heard him shudder and come in my mouth. I dutifully swallowed.

Madam was going to throw a fit… there was a damp patch all over his bedroom wall where the water from the leak in the roof had seeped in.

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Love Sex

"Aaah… aaaahh," I heard my voice echo in the hot laundry room as Mr. Gupta Sir sucked on my already taut nipples. His tongue swished around my size 38-D tit, his mouth barely being able to contain the plumpness. He usually spent a lot of time on my tits; 'Madam' had very small ones you see, the kind they call buttons. Poor man. I arched and gave him easier access.

Suddenly I felt something cold and smooth replace his hot tongue… I heard a moan and he said, "You’ll love this" before the whipping cream was spread on my nipples. It did feel good… and then his tongue was back and I felt myself becoming wet. I moaned loudly as he bit my nipple and felt his dick swell against my tummy.

I reached down and started to run my fingers over it… up and down… up and down… and he tensed. "Oh baby that feels so good. Oh yeah… yeah… like that…. Yeah… oh yeah… oh god you're so good… yeah," he moaned as I took over the action. He leaned back and I kept rubbing his dick with my damp hands. Up and down, up and down… and all over his balls. He liked that.

I liked Mr Gupta Sir. He was a great fuck, always ready to experiment. Like the time when he said he wanted to have a "tit sandwich" - my tits and strawberry jam! We had done it in his bathroom then… Madam was out for her bridge game with friends. He even helped me finish the laundry later on. Such a nice man.

And he was throbbing in my hands right now… he was ready and so was I. I climbed on top of him and pushed his dick inside my pussy. I was hot and wet and his dick slipped inside with the most pleasurable sensation. I began to gently rock on top of him but he had other ideas. "Faster Asha faster," he yelled and I obliged.

We rocked and convulsed like baboons for the next few minutes till I felt him come in the textured condom I had put on top of his dick. Poor man. I don't think he came when he did it with Madam. But now he was definitely having a blast.

He came just as a car made a screeching stop outside the house. Madam had come too.

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